Galle District bounded on the North by Benthara river , South and west by the Indian Ocean and East by Matara and Rathnapura Districts. Topography of Galle District is very much dissent. The climatic condition of Hiniduma Patttuwa is very similar to the central hill country of Sri Lanka. This area consists of rainforests, which is the water catchment area for most of the rivers and lakes flow across Galle District. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is one of them. Galle district lies in a temperate climatic zone. The Gin River “ Gin Ganga” starts from Gongala Hill of Hiniduma patthuwa and in its long journey of 113km (70 mls ) it passes Neluwa, Thawalama, Nagoda Baddegama and Thelida areas . After its long journey it flows in to the Indian Ocean in Ginthota area of Galle District. The river Madu Ganga starts from Polathu Kanda and flows into the sea from Balapitiya also helps to maintain ecological in the Galle district.


Matara District is Surrounded by a scenic sea belt and full of natural beauty. It possesses a proud history and is a fertile region situated between Galle and Hambantota districts in Southern Sri Lanka. This district extends with gradual altitude level upto 1158m from sea level at hilly region it consists of proud Sinharaja Forest and attractive water falls. The district covers 1.96% of total extent of land of the Island and 23.14% of Southern Province. Matara district is bounded on the North by Kalawana Divisional Secretariats in Ratnapura District, South by the attractive sea belt, East by Divisional Sectretariats named Okewela, Beliatte, Katuwana,Walasmulla and Tangalle in Hambantota District and West by Divisional Secretariats named Habaraduwa, Imaduwa, Yakkalamulla, Thawalama and Neluwa. The District claims to a coastal belt 55km long which lies from Nilwella at Dickwella to Midigama in Weligama. About 85% of this coastal belt is covered by South – West rains. The width of the continental shelf close to Matara district is about 7Km. In addition the district extends about 64 Km from the South towards the internal direction up to Sinharaja.


Hambantota District is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, in the Southern Province. Hambantota is famous for its salt flats and intensely hot arid zone climate .with sweeping sandy beaches on the side, it is a convenient base for exploring the nearby Bundala National Park, Yala National Park and the temples at Kataragama. Most inhabitants of Hambantota are Sinhalese and Malays.




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